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Pastor Evan's links at your leisure (March 30, 2020)

More reading I've found interesting over the past week. Unfortunately, it does tend towards the pandemic, but that happens to be the nature of our times. In any case, take a break from online streaming and find someone to have a conversation with. Maybe these links will give you some ideas for how that conversation might proceed. James Hartley, an economist, discusses how bureaucracies make decisions function during a time of crisis. R.R. Reno, editor of the journal First Things, writes a provocative article on the church's reaction to the pandemic. Jake Meador interacts with R.R Reno above and models how to respond to someone with whom you disagree. Brendan O'Neill questions the usefulness of apocalypticism as a response to a global crisis. Isaac Newton used his time of social isolation wisely. How well do you match up? Scott Alexander discusses face masks: much more than you wanted to know. Martin Luther wrote to a German pastor on whether one may flee from a deadly plague. John Kaag encourages everyone, for the full life experience, to put down all devices and walk. Check out the Quarantine Lectures at the Thomistic Institute. The first lecture is "Grace and Anxiety: Spiritual Growth in a Time of Turmoil" Peter Leithart asks what this pandemic will reveal about the human heart. Finally, here's one from GQ for the men on how to cut your own hair while socially distancing. (Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the authors in the links provided here belong solely to them and do not necessarily represent Calgary Chinese Baptist Church. These links are provided for your interest and as a means for stimulating discussion within this church.)

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